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What Color is
Your Money?

Returning to the common sense basics of risk management during retirement.

The Color of Money & The Rule of 100

The Rule of 100 is one of the most fundamental financial planning guidelines for managing risk correctly during the retirement season of life. The rule simply states that your "Secure" (Green) Money should be an equivalent percentage of your current age divided into 100.  So, if you are 65 years old, 65% of your portfolio should be in "Secure" (Green) allocations, and 35% of your money should be in "At Risk" (Red) allocations.

Red Money
(Risk of Loss)

Red Money.png

Green Money
(No Risk of Loss)

Green Money.png

Let Us Help You Calculate Your Risk Exposure

Our Secure Account Worksheet calculator helps our clients determine whether they have an appropriate level of risk in their portfolio, or if they are "top-heavy" with the percentage of their life savings that could be exposed to devastating losses. 

After the last decade of rock bottom interest rates, we find that it is common for people to be over-exposed to inappropriate levels of risk, simply due to the fact that most "green money" options for the past 10 years mean't settling for less than a 1% return.

That has changed significantly now with "green money" options capable of producing 5-15% growth rates without downside market risk.

We invite you to request a Complimentary Risk Analysis using our helpful calculators.


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